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Fearing Dog Bite Attacks, Mail Service Goes Postal Over Letter-Carrier Shaped Treats

Canada’s mail service believes that dog bites are such a dangerous on-the-job hazard for its workers, the agency was outraged to find a pet store chain selling doggie treats shaped like cats and mail carriers.

After receiving cocmplaints from the country«s mail service -- many of whose carriers have been victims of
dog bites -- Canadian-based retailer Pet Valu promised to stop carrying Bark Bars, flavored doggie treats shaped like mail carriers and cats.

In an apparent slight to U.S.-Canadian relations,
The Globe and Mail reports that, unlike their timid Canadian counterparts, some American mailmen and mailwomen "reportedly hand the treats out to dogs on their routes."

When it comes to dog bites and dog attacks, it seems that quite a few American mail carriers simply chose to heed the advice of Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt, by acknowledging that there
"is nothing to fear but fear itself."


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