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Legal issues affecting pets,
companion animals, and their people

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New York City pet owners have special legal & apartment needs!

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When a landlord or cooperative apartment wants to evict a tenant because she has a dog or cat, the pet owner needs an attorney knowledgeable in landlord-tenant matters and legal defenses in pet-based eviction proceedings.  Your home and your pet are sources of comfort in this fast-paced city.  Why risk their loss without consulting an attorney about your legal options and defenses?
Eviction Defense

Eviction Defense for Pet Owners

Is your dog injured from mesothelioma or asbestos?


Vet & Kennel Liens


Vet & Kennel Liens

Vet & Kennel Liens

When a kennel threatens to put your cat to sleep because of a billing dispute, you need an attorney to protect your pet, and your legal rights.

If your spouse, partner, or friend thinks that you will never see your golden retriever again, you need an advocate to protect your ownership rights and your animalīs well-being.

Custody & Visitation

Custody & Visitation


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