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Landlord-Tenant IssuesNew York City apartments rent and sell for a premium.  Your apartment and your pet help you step back and take a break from your busy schedule.  Quality time with friends, family, and your dog  is valuable.

Your golden retriever, “Rocket,” understands your situation. He graduated from dog obedienace school at the top of his class, knowing that you, your neighbors, and your building’s doorman would shower him with affection (and treats!) if he was a good pup.

You were therefore surprised to find an eviction notice on your door, alleging that your lease was being terminated because Rocket is your roomie.

Will you and Rocket be evicted?  Will he still be able to play with Doberman Dave and Maltese Maria next door?

Being the smart guy he is, Rocket does a little woofin' on the Web, and points your browser to DogLaw.com.   Knows that Joel R. Zand  created this web site to provide animal caregivers links and information on legal rights that New York City tenants have to vigorously defend pet-based landlord-tenant eviction proceedings.

Good boy, Rocket, good boy!!   

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