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A Legal and Medical Risk? Why Your Dog Should “Just Say No” To Drugs

Have you ever found your dog looking a little out of sorts, getting the munchies a little too often, or acting a little lazier than usual?

According to a recent L.A. Times story, your dog’s behavior might be caused by eating marijuana. Could your vet’s concern about a patient’s well-being (the patient being your pooch!) end up with you facing state or federal criminal prosecution on drug charges? We hope not.

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A dog in Holland guards a marijuana plant
Source: A DogLaw.com reader

California veterinarian Joseph Humble tells L.A. Times reporter Andrew Strickler that “Some people may enjoy pot, but I assure you dogs do not.” According to Strickler:
The plant’s effect on canines is considerably less benign. Even a few grams can cause staggering, vomiting, urinary incontinence and, in severe cases, seizures and coma.

For those who want to learn more about the dangers, a toxicology study published in Veterinary Medicine (June 2002) details the clinical signs, toxicity, and potential treatment of dogs who ingest marijuana. At the time the study was written by Caroline W. Donaldson, DVM, out of some 250 marijuana ingestion cases reported to the ASPCA, two animals had died.

If animal control offiicers find your dog wandering around the neighborhood stoned while you’re at work, you risk putting yourself on the receiving end of criminal charges if law enforcement authorities trace Fido’s behavior and discover that you had illegal drugs in your possession.

Even worse, who will be able to take care of your dog if you’re convicted on drug charges? What will your pooch think of you then?

DogLaw.com sends our Woof of the Week.sm to all those responsible dog owners who make sure to protect their dogs –– and themselves –– from getting into trouble with their health and the law.

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