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Legal News and Lawsuits Involving Dogs

Veterinarians Sue Over Cosmetic Surgery Restrictions for Animals
Recently, DogLaw.com discussed efforts by the West Hollywood, Calif. City Council to ban tail tucks, ear docking, and animal related surgeries. That’s prompted a group of California veterinarians to fight back with a lawsuit of their own.

A Plastic Surgery Ban For Dogs?
Liposuction, nose jobs, and tummy tucks keep New York and California plastic surgeons busy. But some believe that Fido might need a face lift, retrievers should get rhinoplasty, labradors have liposuction, their pug warrants an ear job, or their terrier should get a tail tuck. In a bold move, one California city just says “No!” to the practice.

Fear Of Dog Bite Attacks Has Mail Service Going Postal Over Dog Treats Shaped Like Letter Carriers
Canada’s mail service thinks that dog attacks are such an on-the-job hazard for its workers, the agency went postal when it found a pet store selling doggie treats shaped like mail carriers. Succumbing to pressure, Canadian-based retailer Pet Valu promised to stop carrying the U.S-made. "Bark Bars."

Was Your Dog Exposed To Asbestos Or Diagnosed With Mesothelioma?
Asbestos is a highly toxic and dangerous source of indoor air pollution.  A mesotheIioma lawyer can tell you that asbestos is a recognized human carcinogen by U.S. and international health agencies. Unfortunately, just as your dog or cat can bring unwanted fleas and other critters into the house, the can carry asbestos too, and become sick with life-threatening mesothelioma

Florida Retiree Couple Tries To Keep Their Beloved Dog In Their Condo Home
A retired Florida couple encouter problems in their Florida condominium when their beloved border collie’s weight runs over the condo board’s 25-pound limit.

Levine v. Hewitt
Actor commences New York lawsuit to recover dog allegedly taken by caregiver / neighbor.

People v. Donato
New Rochelle, New York Animal Noise / Dog-Barking Statute held unconstitutional.

Nicchia v. People of State of the State of New York
United States Supreme Court denies Brooklyn dog owner's challenge to the constitutionality of a New York dog license requirement.

Holzapfel v. Town of Newburgh, NY
U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit holds that K-9 police officer was entitled to a new trial to determine whether the town’s police department policy of giving two (2) hours of overtime pay each week for more than 40 hours per week training his police dog outside of work hours violated the overtime pay provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act ("FLSA") 29 U.S.C. § 201, et seq.


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